Explore and Learn Pass: Walking Tour and Concord Museum: Coming soon

Save up to 25% with the Explore and Learn Pass: includes admission to Concord Museum and a historic walking tour of Concord.

The Historic Walking Tour traces the history of Concord from its earliest beginnings 10,000 years ago to the 21st century. This tour is the perfect introduction to Concord and its rich history. Walk Concord’s venerable streets and byways, hearing the voices of those who have come before, while appreciating the silent stones, memorials, and buildings they have left behind. With new research and a greater understanding of past events, we open new windows and new opportunities to tell fuller stories of all the people of our town. Departs from the Concord Visitor Center at 58 Main Street daily at 1:00 pm and is approximately 75 minutes of mostly flat walking with one incline. No reservations needed.

The Concord Museum is the gateway to Concord’s remarkable revolutionary and literary history. Sixteen new galleries dramatically present the events of April 19, 1775 and Concord’s key role in the development of political, intellectual and religious freedom. Founded in 1886, the Concord Museum presents centuries of objects from Concord and surrounding areas for everyone to experience and explore. These objects let us bring to life the stories of the diverse people who lived in Concord since its earliest days.  Visit the Concord Museum and see where Concord’s history begins!   A visit to the Museum takes 1-2 hours.  Open Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The EXPLORE & LEARN PASS includes admission to the Concord Museum and a Historic Walking Tour of Concord.

Combined tickets available online at www.visitconcord.org or in-person at either the Concord Visitor Center or the Concord Museum.

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