Concord Tour Company – A Seaside Shadows Company

Concord Tour Company offers public walking tours, field trips, private tours, and never-boring corporate events.

Public Tours Include:

Downtown Concord Ghost and True Crime Tour:

Join us on our tour through the historic New England landscape of downtown Concord as we traverse by burial grounds, haunted locations, and sites of sinister and dark activity as we delve into the lesser told mysteries and tales of Concord’s storied past. This two-hour outdoor walking tour will bring folks to the sites and burials as relate to Concord’s dark and mysterious past and true supernatural encounters.

Wide Awake in Sleepy Hollow – Cemetery Tour:

This late-afternoon cemetery stroll guides visitors through the notable Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and some of the most well-known burials, interesting gravesites and inspirational stories of the people of Concord through the last two centuries. From powerful women to well-known sculptors, Civil War soldiers to generational abolitionists and to the gravesites of four of the most well-known authors (Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott & Hawthorne) in American history, guests will hear the true stories of the fascinating lives that made Concord a place never to be forgotten.

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