Middlesex Savings Bank Donation to Concord250

The Concord250 Executive Committee is pleased and grateful to announce that the Middlesex Savings Bank is generously donating $50,000 to the CON250Corp, a 501c3 corporation in 2 installments of $25,000 each. This donation recognizes the bank as a distinguished Platinum sponsor.


Members of Concord250 Committee and Middlesex Savings Bank gathered Friday, March 22, to celebrate this donation and receive the first installment. The bank will also be selling Concord250 commemorative coins at their 2 Concord offices. The coins are available at $20 and will be available this week. Securing a coin is a superb way of supporting the entire Concord250 effort.


John Hickling, a member of Concord250 Marketing Committee, has designed a beautiful coin. His substantial research has allowed the coin to include key representative elements. Thus, the coin is a compilation of myriad traditional Concord icons. Inspiration for this design emanated from the legal tender half dollar 1925 coin.

The coins are offered in two finishes  – one is polished nickel, “brilliant proof,” which has a mirror like image; the other version has a more antique silver appearance.The front side of the coin features a relief of the minuteman statue, with the inscription: “Battle of the North Bridge April 19, 1775,” and commemorates the Concord250 motto: “Concord 250, Still Heard Round the World.” The reverse side features a relief of the Old North Bridge with the inscription: ”Semiquincentennial. Concord Massachusetts  1775-2025” and“Here once the embattled farmers stood and fired… the shot heard round the world” as written by Emerson.


In 1775 the pine tree was a symbol of strength and resiliency within the New England states and was the flag emblem most commonly associated with the New England colonies. The coin features the pine tree image on the edges of both sides.


All proceeds from the coins will go to support the events and memorials of Concord250.


Concord250 commemorative coins are available for purchase at Middlesex Savings Bank (and Concord Visitor Center) for $20. The first run has been limited, so secure one while you can.

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