Celebrating Memorial Day in Concord

Every Memorial Day, America honors and mourns the brave men and women who died while serving the United States. Observed on the last Monday of May, this holiday brings moments of silence, parades, and ceremonies to give our thanks to the fallen. Concord takes part in Memorial Day by holding several different activities of remembrance.

History of Memorial Day in Concord

Memorial Day in Concord honors the brave men and women who have fought for America’s freedom from 1775 until today. The town of Concord has an interesting history with the armed forces. During America’s Revolutionary period in 1775, several Concord men joined the militia to fight against British forces. Eventually, this led more civilians to join the fight and win America’s Independence from British rule. 

During World War II, more than 1,400 Concord men and women left to fight for their country. Three hundred Concord individuals fought in both the Korean and Vietnam War. During Memorial Day, Concord honors heroes who did not make it home from war, sacrificing their lives for America’s freedom.   

Which Businesses Are Open On Memorial Day?

Municipal, state, and federal offices, schools, libraries, banks, post offices, and liquor stores will be closed. Supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores, restaurants, and bars will be open. 

2024 Memorial Day Parade

Concord’s 2024 parade begins at Rideout Field on Laws Brook Road at 8:30 am. It will then proceed to Kenneth Dunn Square for the flag-raising ceremony at 9 a.m. Once the flag is raised, the parade will re-assemble at Keyes Road at 11 am for the afternoon ceremonies. It will continue to Monument Square for another ceremony and reading of the Roll of Honor. 

Other Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

While Memorial Day honors the brave men and women who fought for American freedoms, it also marks the unofficial start to summer. Here are three activities you can choose to take part in in Concord this Memorial Day weekend.

Battle Road Trail

The Battle Road Trail is a five-mile trail that connects historic sites in Meriam’s Corner in Concord to Lexington. During the walk, you’ll uncover the remnants of Battle Road, which is where thousands of Colonial Militia and British Regulars fought during the Battle of Concord in 1775. If you’re looking for other trails that aren’t Revolutionary-related, Concord offers numerous places to explore. 

South Burying Place

This is Concord’s second-oldest burial site. Here, you’ll find early town residents, including Revolutionary War Veterans and individuals who shaped Concord’s history. 

The Concord Museum

Here, you’ll learn about Concord’s role in the Revolution with artifacts used on that fateful day in 1775. Some of the materials you’ll find include muskets, powder horns, flints, and one of the two lanterns Paul Revere had placed in the steeple of Boston’s Old North Church to signal that the British were coming. 

This Memorial Day and every day, it’s important to remember all the individuals who lost their lives so we can live in freedom. 

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