Walking Tours Schedule

The Concord Visitor Center is proud to offer a wide variety of walking tours; from a daily 1pm tour, to African American and Indigenous history tours and many in between.  Find the one that best fits your interests and dates of travel.  Private tours are always available by calling 978-318-3061

Concord’s Twilight : Monuments, Memories and Mortality

This 90-minute twilight walking tour of old Concord town takes us down the venerable streets and byways hearing the voices of those who have come before while appreciating the silent stones, memorials, and buildings they have left behind. 

Family & Children’s Walking Tour of Concord

Concord 101 Walking Tour   This engaging 45 minute walking tour is designed to make the history of Downtown Concord come alive for elementary-aged children.  Learn about everything from the indigenous…

Emerson – Thoreau Amble

Our certified town guide leads an interactive hike that follows a meandering natural path similar to the one Emerson and Thoreau strolled as they walked from the town center to Walden Pond and Henry’s…