Wright Tavern

Our vision and plans for the Wright Tavern are to make it “an active tavern and gathering place within an interactive museum.”  Historically, Taverns are gathering places where people come, learn, and discuss the day’s events. The Wright Tavern will be a gathering place for meetings, educational programs, events, celebrations, and reenactments. Refreshments will provide both entertainment value and important sources of income. If we are able to obtain the necessary licenses and funding, then this tavern will provide both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks include beer, wine and colonial period signature drinks. All this would be within an interactive museum, where people can walk around and learn about the events of historic Concord and the founding of the United States and sit at tables to engage each other and or interpretative staff experts in colonial and American history. This will be a unique and highly attractive place where we hope people say, “Let’s meet at the Wright Tavern.”


2 Lexington Road
Concord MA, 01742