Meet the Tour Guides: Amy Cole

The Concord Visitor Center  recently debuted a new YouTube series: Meet the Tour Guides. Each week, a new Concord Tour Guide is interviewed about themselves and their life as a tour guide.

Amy Cole was the first interviewee, starting the series off on a strong note. She began the interview by discussing how she got into giving tours. Cole recalled what it was like entering the office in 2020, and all the changes that have happened in the Visitor Center since she arrived. In response to creating new tours, Cole said, “It’s just been a wonderful experience to be able to dive into making sure our narratives are inclusive, accurate, and really give a voice to all of the history. “

Later in the interview, Cole discusses her love for Louisa May Alcott and her role as an activist. She explains, “Knowing thehistory about her life and what Little Women did for her family… it’s really interesting to learn about what motivates people to do what they do.” Cole’s emphasis on the Alcott sisters returned at the end of the interview, where she discussed her Living History piece centering Louisa May Alcott and May Alcott.

Other topics Cole discussed include Indigenous history, the challenges of telling tough history, and the Thoreau pencil company. Amy’s expertise and passion shone through in the interview, and the Visitor’s Center is so grateful for her insights. To watch the interview, visit and select the video titled Meet the Tour Guides: Amy Cole. Thank you again Amy, and we hope you enjoy the video!

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