Concord Center

Concord Center Cultural District is a walkable area in this picturesque New England village. It is bordered by 18th-20th century buildings and lovely landscapes that form a National Historic District. Many historical sites are located in this area, including six National Historical Landmarks: Old North Bridge, The Old Manse, Orchard House, The Wayside, and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and Concord Museum. There are also cultural venues, locally owned retail shops, restaurants, art galleries, library, and a centrally located Visitor Center. Amble parking is available, and overnight visitors can be accommodated at the Concord Inn or bread and breakfasts. Concord Center is surrounded by natural beauty, including the Concord River, meadows, and many parks.

Concord Visitor Center

Get to know Concord Center

Concord Visitor Center, 58 Main St., is your one-stop destination for information, tours, literature, restrooms, bike rental, and souvenirs. The visitor center is the perfect introduction to the neighborhood and knowledgable staff can answer questions and offer itineraries. The daily 1 p.m. Historic Walking Tour is the perfect introduction to Concord Center, giving an overview of the history of the village and pointing out landmarks and monuments.

Explore & Learn Pass

Explore and Learn Pass

Save up to 25% till Nov. 21, 2023 with the Explore and Learn Pass: includes admission to Concord Museum and a historic walking tour of Concord. Combined tickets available online on our website or in-person at either the Concord Visitor Center or the Concord Museum.